Meet the Speakers

Stephen Kuria

An accomplished leader and true entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience across Australia, Asia, New Zealand, North America and Africa. With 18 years of that in Mining, Supply Chain and Oil & Gas. Stephen has worked for and provided services to some Global Fortune 500 companies like-Woodside Energy, BHPB, British Gas, QGC, Lucas Drilling, Coles Pty, Baker Hughes International, World Bank, KenGen, Kenya Pipeline Corporation, Lafarge Pty, Kenya Ministry of Mining & Petroleum, Kenya Ministry of Health, Kenya Ministry of Finance, East Timor Government, Kenya Collection of Revenue Authority (CRA).

Stephen is a founder and Managing Director of Caleb Partners Group of Companies (CP) which owns Accelerate to Excellence (A2E) Australia and Africa Energy and Mineral Institute (AAEMI),East Africa Oil & Gas Australia Pty, Regency Energy, Enviro Serve Pty and Silvia Waters Pty .

Stephen is the Chairman of the Minerals Rights Board part of the Kenya Ministy of Petroleum and Mining; Chairman of the Kenya Australia Chamber of Commerce; Board Member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants Australia/Kenya (ICPAK); Former President & Chairman of the Kenyan Community in Western Australia and Former Chapter President/Founder of Western Australia Association of Manufacturing Excellence.

Stephen has received many awards, amongst them the SIFE World Championship in Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Barcelona, Spain in 2004; A Presidential Award in Leadership by Former Kenyan President Kibaki in 2011; The African Professional Association (APA) Award in 2015; Champion Award of the year 2018 by the Organisation of African Communities (OAC) in Western Australia and the Kenyan Extractive Excellence Award in 2019.

Davies Chibale

Why?……Why am I passionate about what I do?

*I love what I do because through paying total attention and listening to clients, employees (Freeloaders, Workers, Entrepreneurs) or employers (Workers or Entrepreneurs) when they talk or when they share their stories or share their life or work experiences I get to understand the ‘clues’ to their challenges or issues.

*I then ask the right questions; non-judgemental questions to fully understand where they are at in life, or in dealing with a challenge, project, or issue they so generously invited me to contribute to.

*Genuinely connecting with who they truly are; their mindset, strengths, and areas of improvement; and then sharing my story; experiences; knowledge or working passionately relevant to their situation; truly caring for them, their life, career, work, project, and business. More often than not, I succeed in ‘lighting the bulb of belief’ or ‘in pointing them in the right direction. Sooner or later with my support or contribution, they confidently advance to their next level. Their lives are richer, healthier, or more peaceful because I took time to give from what the Universe has generously given me.

* Those moments I witness THEIR GROWTH, SMILE, is priceless; and that’s why I am passionate about what I do. Am grateful.

A human resources professional with over 15 years of experience establishing processes and procedures for growing teams or individuals.

An IR/HR Specialist, who cherishes driving continuous improvement; through innovation, collaborative negotiation, pragmatic application of new technology, and proven systems to achieve excellence; for the highest good of all concerned; thriving through Win-Win-Win outcomes.

WIN-WIN-WIN Principle underpins the act of serving the needs of my clients; employees; employers while taking care of my own needs as well as taking care of the needs of those that assist my clients; employees or myself to meet those needs.